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Enterprise Culture
Enterprise vision:
To make our enterprise to become top class in beauty therapy field.
Core values:
Respect for talent, focus on quality and excellence.
Enterprise mission:
To promote the beauty field more professional in China. To segment and specialize the beauty field in China.
Our concept of employment:
Job training people, performance appraisal person, the cause of cohesion.
Our management philosophy:
Professional class staff, to provide first-class professional service.
Our business philosophy:
To become the first-class enterprises, to make the first-class equipment, provide the best customer service, making the marketing win-win situation.
Our quality philosophy:
There is no best, only better.
Our market concept:
The market is in our hand, the only unchangeable rule for the market is that the market is always changing.
Our concept of competition:
Always half minute early than our competitive.
Our staff's demands:
Self-motivated, attention to detail, and his integrity, strict studious.
Our attitude to the cause:
Conscientious, cautious.
Our mission:
Based on domestic and out of Asia, and the whole world.