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Hair Removal Principle
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Hair Removal Principle:

     By the hair on the selective absorption of light energy. The laser therapy hair dry and uniform heating effectively follicles, especially due to the energy the laser therapy of the light focused on the role of the hair follicle, which can damage the hair more thoroughly, including any color, including white light and, any thickness and depth of the hair to achieve effective treatment.

    The laser therapy technology fully combined light and RF energy complementary advantages, the use of selective absorption of light energy causes the skin tissue and target impedance differences between normal skin, strengthen the target tissue under conditions of low light intensity of the absorption of RF energy, greatly eliminating the effects of the light is too strong thermal effect and the customer may cause discomfort.

    The Laser Therapy has three main core technologies: RF + light + skin cooling. In the Laser Therapy technology, light plays the role of a guide, the guide focus on the role of RF energy to the target tissue, the target tissue is to enhance the absorption of RF energy at a lower intensity situation. At the same time, the instrument cooling technology eliminates the thermal effect caused by the heat from the strong light, and increased skin resistance, reduce skin absorption of RF energy, so the efficacy and safety are greatly improved, but the same target tissue for light effective. Preheat light on the target tissue, the role of radio frequency energy is to focus on the preheated target tissue.