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Company Development
Click Times: 1565   Update Time: 2014-06-21

      In 1985, the laser therapy research center was established in America. In 2007, the laser therapy enterprise was established in China, and the business center was being located south China, Guangdong province, and its products and instruments is for the whole country.
      In 2008, the financial crisis hit the whole world, the laser therapy enterprise against the obstacle, and with its credit, the enterprise was starting business in the whole county, and business network is being spread from Guangdong to the whole country.
      In 2009, the business center was sitting in the Guangzhou Beauty Center, the products is continually sale to Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Kazakhstan, Australia, America, New Zealand, Singapore, etc.
      In early 2010, with two year’s effort, the cooperative company has exceeded 200, and more than 300 company brought our instrument. Our company is trying best to become top one class in the field.
      In 2011, we continued our path, and do all that we can do, to make our enterprise reach another level.
      In 2012, our cooperative partner has exceeded to 600, the achievement on instrument sales department was continuously rise.
      2013, for 6 years effort on professional cooperation, the enterprise has established professional team for laser therapy, and the laser therapy enterprise was introduced a brand new system called 520 beverage removing system. The system is introduced for those people who eagerly desire for perfection, removing beverage is in your hand, and make you charismatic life-time.