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Placenta Mask Korea
Click Times: 1562   Update Time: 2014-06-21


      Placentaextract contains 350mmg; in order to have perfectly clear skin, it use aplacenta treatment, placental enzyme decomposed to provide nutrients deep intothe skin. The skin perfectly clear and clean, contains sufficient collagen,transparent acid quality, sedation due to oil / moisture imbalance, oily,sensitive skin fatigue and change, maintaining an adequate supply of nutrients,regulate the balance. The skin moist all day in the state. Long-term use cangreatly delay the formation of wrinkles and other aging.


       After cleansing, open the packaging,remove the mask, carefully unfold, adjusted spreads in the face after a good20-30 minutes. Adequate placental fluid makes the skin more cosmetic effect,spread evenly on the skin remaining placental fluid better.


       The sealed package directly into therefrigerator to cool, cool feeling when you feel more use. 


       The sealed package directly into thewater about 50 degrees soak for 2-3 minutes, more comfortable feeling whenused.