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What is 532nm laser?
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532nm wavelength laser

      Red, coffee,brown color absorb this laser more strongly, the energy is concentrate on itssurface, for the treatment of skin pigmentation diseases, such as freckles,colored tattoos, port wine stains, spider, coffee spots and so on.

     The main components is importedinternationally (Q switch and polarizer provided by renowned internationalcompanies), and use the laser cavity mode selection technique, the laser outputmode good spot, spot light intensity evenly distributed, no strengths spot.When configuring the adjustable spot instrument, the spot size changes, thecontrol system automatically adjusts the output energy of the laser, the laseroutput energy density to ensure constant, so that the treatment becomes moreaccurate and more convenient. Products of international cooperation, modulardesigned, the space reserved for the upgrade, with a fault code display andengineer installation interface.