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Therapy Theory:
    The therapy is to use laser beam absorption characteristics and peak blasting effect for therapeutic purposes; This machine adopts imported by (Belarus SOLAR-Solal Company), the world's leading Q switch technology (from the European core components - referred to as the heart of Europe), the rapid expansion of the laser energy is released in a very short period of time, thus forming a very high peak power of the giant pulse, the pigment granules in an instant absorbed a huge laser energy, then ruptured, and the cell frame is completely preserved and repaired. The pigment particles are engulfed by macrophages and excreted. In this case, the normal tissue is almost lossless, and achieve a therapeutic purpose on pigmented tissue.
    The machine is designed to use switching system Q, it has a long life time. Q switch is closed in a short time. The infrared heat make use in the epidermis in a very short time, and it won’t too much damage to the skin. And the high power is affected on pigments and diseased tissue. The laser instrument is designed to uses a laser cavity mode selection, pattern is good for therapy, and the laser is evenly distributed, with no strength spot. During the therapy, it won’t cause bleeding easily. And it has good effect on therapy, also called as flat hat techniques.
    Using the cutting edge international technology, the laser spot is adjustable, when change the laser spot, the power, energy and other parameter can be seemed on the screen. And it can be shift its power intensity in the control panel. This laser system for health care staff provides convenient operation greatly.
    Purity 532nm (green laser light): Excellent quality laser emits a laser beam, so that 1064nm laser frequency doubling efficiency reached 55%, with a dedicated short-pass filter, so that the green light was given therapy machine more than 98% of the 532nm high pure laser, it can well achieve the desired therapeutic effect.
    Products with a dynamic laser and non-Q-Q-static light (0.3ms). It can be used in Black doll face soothing and to treat melasma, and has a special spot to display and position determination, to achieve a better therapeutic function. Our products have been upgraded, with long pulse function, and good for Black doll face with a soothing effect.

    Dual-wavelength. Total Terminal Energy (by the State Food and Drug Administration):
1064nm, 800mJ; 532nm, 400mJ.
    A new laser system with sever laser beam. This is the first enterprise to use this technology.

Pure blue laser, good in therapy.
    The main components is imported internationally (Q switch and polarizer provided by renowned international companies), and use the laser cavity mode selection technique, the laser output mode good spot, spot light intensity evenly distributed, no strengths spot. When configuring the adjustable spot instrument, the spot size changes, the control system automatically adjusts the output energy of the laser, the laser output energy density to ensure constant, so that the treatment becomes more accurate and more convenient. Products of international cooperation, modular designed, the space reserved for the upgrade, with a fault code display and engineer installation interface.

The therapeutic range:

1064nm wavelength laser:
    Its strong absorption of blue and black, and this has a strong penetrating wavelength laser for the treatment of dermal layer of blue and black melanin diseases such as eyebrow, tattoos, cheekbones brown blue nevus (also known as dermal patches), Ota, etc.

532nm wavelength laser
    Red, coffee, brown color absorb this laser more strongly, the energy is concentrate on its surface, for the treatment of skin pigmentation diseases, such as freckles, colored tattoos, port wine stains, spider, coffee spots and so on.

300vm long pulse
    Professional for Black doll face, using the cutting edge technology to desalinate flake pigmentation, skin rejuvenation, to close the pores, remove wrinkles.

Technical indicators:
Laser type: Nd: YAG laser (Q-mode output)
Laser wavelength: 1064 nm / 532 nm
Beam propagation: Sever laser beam, transmission efficiency greater than 75%
Spot diameter: with adjustable spot therapy head, spot diameter adjustment range is 1-7mm.
Laser Sight: Red semiconductor aiming light, a wavelength of 650nm-670nm.
Laser pulse width: 6 ~ 12 ns.
Single pulse energy: 800mJ (1064nm) / 400mJ (532nm)
Repetition frequency: 1 ~ 10Hz / 1 Hz step forward.
Cooling system: closed circulating water cooling, strong wind cooling the outer loop
Volume: 500 × 900 × 910 mm3
Weight: < 85Kg
Power source: AC220V / 50Hz / 10A