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    This instrument is designed in vertical structure, so it does not take too much area, convenience to use. The power can be shift on the control panel, and it output seven laser beam. With the same optical path instructions for focusing, vaporization, coke, cutting. Can be used in dermatology, surgery, gynecology, surgery and other secret urologist.

Laser therapy theory:
    CO2 laser divergence angle is very small, high energy density. It can output several kilowatts per square centimeter power after focusing. It can be used for medical tumor tissue vaporization, burning or cutting tissue lesions. So CO2 Laser therapy instrument is also called laser knife.
    The original lesion tissue without focusing the beam irradiation can produce coagulation. CO2 laser is the wavelength of infrared light 10.6um penetrate deeper tissue, after irradiation beam expander, capable of deep tissue heating treatments.

The Advantage of this therapy:
    CO2 laser treatment using advanced technology for laser treatment, safer and more effective treatment. On your skin mildness, no burning tingling, discomfort, such as acupuncture or peeling, no postoperative swelling phenomenon of zero infection throughout therapy.?

Product Certification:
    ISO9001:2000 international quality management system certification
    ISO13485 medical device quality system certification
    Replacement of traditional CO2 laser machine, minimal thermal damage

Main purpose:
    For human tissue cutting, burning, freezing, etc., are widely used in plastic surgery, surgery, ENT, dentistry, etc.

Dermatology: The extra material is removed and play moles, body odor
Gynecology: cervical erosion, cervicitis, cervical polyps, carcinoma in situ, etc.
ENT: the removal of polyps, rhinitis, inferior turbinate hypertrophy, benign tumors, etc.
Urology: circumcision, genital warts, etc.
Anorectal: hemorrhoids cutting etc.

The main Technical parameters:
Laser wavelength: 10.6μm
Laser tube: 1000mm low-level analog outputs
Output power: continuous output 0.5-30W, super pulse output 0.3-15W, 450W peak power
Output: continuous output, single pulse, repetitive pulse, super pulse
Aiming light: red semiconductor laser
Optical transmission: independent development of flexible seven joint optical arm, with f = 100, f = 50 two kinds of focus head, hand surgery and has several departments with.
Spot: The minimum spot diameter ≤ 0.2mm
Weight: ≤ 50KG
Volume: 400 × 270 × 1200 mm