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Laser's development history:
The laser has been applied to many fields, especiall in the medical field. Laser is a high-energy laser beam, it can release energy in a very short period of time, the role of the organization to produce heat, causing selective destruction. Laser radiation or radiation will not cause cells mutation or cancer. Now, this kind of laser for the removal of such CD congenital pigmented skin patches, can also be used for the pigmentation of human skin diseases and acquired disorders, such as tattoo, the tattoo pigment after trauma.

Skin / Tattoo Laser Instrument, how it works:
    This instrument is using gem tune Q method to adjust YAG laser power, emmiting high-energy in an instant. This process effectively crush and eliminate the the diseased tissue in the pigment. The fixed wavelength laser then in a very short period of time (only 4-6 nanoseconds in the jewel instrument), instantly penetrate the epidermis reach the diseased tissue. The corresponding pigment group thermal expansion of instant speed burst fragmentation, part of it (like light skin) pigment group immediately pop in vitro. Part of it, the base organization, pigment group fragmented into tiny particles that can be swallowed by macrophages in the body, eventually the human body through the lymphatic system circulation excreted, pigmented lesions organizations will gradually fades until it disappears. While the surrounding normal skin tissue due to the late (only 4-6 nanosecond time), the fixed wavelength laser absorption will not creat any damage.
    When laser wavelength spreads in the outer layer of skin bursting energy of Black Diamond membrane, the outermost layer of skin pigmentation immediately detonated, this is also known as micro-blasting blasting. Therefore, this will not due to the pigmentation spots severe excessive accumulation, absorb light energy much deeper phenomenon caused by pigment. If this is the normal skin pigment, the micro blasting process may cause cause the skin’s collagen denaturate new collagen. And in this case, the blasting process makes pigmentation and rejuvenation for the skin.

Treatment range:
    1. Treatment for pigmented skin lesions and mixed pigment formation, exogenous pigmentation.
    2. Treatment for black, green, blue, red, brown, purple pigmentation.
    3. Eliminate the tattoo, lip lines, eye liner, lip, covering the flesh and traumatic pigmentation and other pigments.
    4. Eliminate coffee spots, age spots, etc., birthmarks, nevus of Ota.
    5. Skin Laser (Black doll) shrink pores, smooth fine lines, improve relaxation, in addition to the shallow spots, melasma, improve dull skin.

Name: Freckle removal versatile instrument.
Model: Yiguang-V13.
Laser Type: Gemstone tune Q, ND: YAG, KTP doubling gem with dimmer.
Laser wavelength: 532nm/1064nm / patent laser wavelength.
Pulse width: 4ns.
Pulse energy :0-1700MJ.
Laser spot diameter :1-3 .5 mm adjustable.
Frequency: 1/2/3/4/5HZ adjustable.
Cooling: air / water / CP patented cooling / semiconductor refrigeration.
Working hours: 12 hours of continuous.
Special assembly: Coaxial infrared targeting indicator.
Power: 220V/110V, 50HZ/60Hz.
Dimension (L × W × H): 520 × 245 × 400 (mm).
Weight: 21Kg