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    Photodynamic reaction is driven by visible, near-infrared or ultraviolet light. This reaction is caused by a series of physical, chemical and biological processes inside the biological light-sensitive tissues during the state of de-excitation. Photodynamic therapy is the use of photodynamic reactions a high-tech skin treatment and conservation.

    When biological tissue endogenous and exogenous substances photosensitive photosensitive material subject to appropriate wavelengths (visible, near-infrared light or ultraviolet light) irradiation, it absorbed photon energy, and it has become excited state from the ground state, in the excited state energies of light-sensitive material has become very unstable, very rapidly through physical or chemical de-excitation process of de-excitation, then releasing energy and return to the ground state. Physical de-excitation process then produces fluorescence spectra, and performed by analyzing the fluorescence diagnosis of disease. Its chemical de-excitation process can produce large amounts of reactive oxygen species, of which the most important is singlet oxygen. The reactive oxygen species can interact with a variety of biological macromolecules. It greatly affected the bad cells’ structure and function, and that is the theory of therapy.

How blue light therapy works:
    Blu-ray destroyed bacteria living environment, accelerate the human autologous cells start sterilizing bacteria.
The instruments create a specific wavelength narrow spectrum of visible blue light, and the propionibacterium acnes absorb this light wave very well. Porphyrin within Propionibacterium acnes metabolites after excitation by the chemical de-excitation process, produces a large number of active singlet oxygen, makes Propionibacterium acnes a highly toxic environment (high oxygen content), then make the bacteria on the skin acne cleared.

How red light therapy works:
    Photochemical reactions of biological red light accelerate collagen production.
    High light intensity emitted by the instrument, and the energy evenly distributed, specific wavelengths with high purity red light, ensure that patients are not able to harm other harmful light, so it affected the mitochondria inside the subcutaneous tissues, produce a high efficient of photochemical reaction - enzymatic activation. This reaction activate the mitochondrial oxidative enzymes in the cell chromatin C, create more energy to accelerate the combination of DNA and RNA. This process produce a large amounts of collagen and fibrous tissue to fill itself and eliminate waste or accelerating death cell clear out of the body. This is the theory to repair damaged skin, smooth fine wrinkles, shrink pores, increase skin elasticity, and improve dark skin situation, makes the skin whitening moist and smooth. This treatment process is simple, gentle, comfortable and fast.

How violet light therapy works:
Violet is mixed with blue-ray, red light.
    Violet light is suitable for: Oily skin, severe acne. It can be used with the use of blue or red light. In the process of treatment, the setting is the same with the red light instrument, and the irradiation time is recommended to set to 15 to 20 minutes.

Photodynamic therapy LED cold light whitening system,
Therapy range:

1. For oil acne swelling, eliminate scar;
2. Significant effect on aging skin, large pores, sagging skin, fine wrinkles, dark complexion and so on.
3. Significant effect on pigmented lesions such as freckles, sunburn, age spots and so on.
4. Reduce the slack on the face during the operation of stretch of the facial skin.
5. Repair the damaged skin. (especially for peeling skin repair, for burns due to excessive photon therapy caused by improper operation, blisters, pigmentation)

Photodynamic LED cold light whitening system,

1. Three light source, multi-effect therapy combination.
2. No thermal effect, without any risk of burning, it is the most secure technology for optical beauty.
3. Treatment can be apply to large area, and the time is short, the effectiveness of the most powerful repair.
4. No special care after treatment.
5. Wide range of treatment for any kind of people, without any side effects.
6. Simple operation, easy to learn.
7. No pain, no trauma, comfortable, you can have the therapy during your work.
8. No supplies, long life span use, stable performance, long continuous working time
9. It can be used in beauty salon products, and can be used in many fields.
10. The largest beauty fashion carrier, it can carry a dozen beauty projects.

Output wavelength: Red 630nm, 402nm blue ray.
Output power: 18MW
Power supply: 110V ~ 50/60Hz 150VA
Ambient temperature: 4 ℃ ~ 55 ℃
Relative humidity: ≤ 70%
Atmospheric pressure: 860Pa ??~ 1060hPahhh
Number of beams: 1200.

Chassis volume (A, B type): 550 × 450 × 380 (mm) (L × W × H) Weight: 25Kg
Chassis volume (C, D type): 500 × 480 × 800 (mm) (L × W × H) Weight: 30Kg