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Optical superposition wrinkle cream hair removal instrument:
    The laser therapy is the perfect combination of technology and equipment photons of electromagnetic energy. This technology allows us to obtain optical beneficial than a single application of photonic devices to create a better therapeutic effect of beauty technology to new level. In this treatment of wrinkles and sagging skin, the laser therapy makes two times or greater affect than on traditional optical technology. This combination of techniques can be applied to improve skin color and texture, and it is one of the most sophisticated non-invasive medical cosmetic treatments.

Laser superposition / wrinkle removal / hair removal instrument principal:
    The laser technology is to heat the deep skin tissue (a lot of water molecules, polar molecules and charged ions) generated by the rapid movement of the perfect combination of light and heat generated by radiofrequency electromagnetic effects, both in terms of time and energy to fully complementary, low-energy light and radio frequency can be rapidly absorbed and destroy diseased tissue combination, to achieve the therapeutic effect.

Freckle rejuvenation to red blood Principle:
    The pulses of light and high-frequency electromagnetic release energy, and through the target tissue selective absorption of light energy. It has focused on the role of a variety of dermal lesions in the skin without damaging the normal tissues. A safe method to remove facial pigmented and vascular plaques, while stimulating new collagen and restore skin elasticity, making the facial skin by enhancing the overall re-radiate health and moving style.

Hair Removal Principle:
    By the hair on the selective absorption of light energy. The laser therapy hair dry and uniform heating effectively follicles, especially due to the energy the laser therapy of the light focused on the role of the hair follicle, which can damage the hair more thoroughly, including any color, including white light and, any thickness and depth of the hair to achieve effective treatment.
    The laser therapy technology fully combined light and RF energy complementary advantages, the use of selective absorption of light energy causes the skin tissue and target impedance differences between normal skin, strengthen the target tissue under conditions of low light intensity of the absorption of RF energy, greatly eliminating the effects of the light is too strong thermal effect and the customer may cause discomfort.
    The Laser Therapy has three main core technologies: RF + light + skin cooling. In the Laser Therapy technology, light plays the role of a guide, the guide focus on the role of RF energy to the target tissue, the target tissue is to enhance the absorption of RF energy at a lower intensity situation. At the same time, the instrument cooling technology eliminates the thermal effect caused by the heat from the strong light, and increased skin resistance, reduce skin absorption of RF energy, so the efficacy and safety are greatly improved, but the same target tissue for light effective. Preheat light on the target tissue, the role of radio frequency energy is to focus on the preheated target tissue.

Laser superposition / remove wrinkle / hair removal instrument,
characteristics and advantages:

Efficient and comfortable: A large area of ??light spot treatment, high efficiency, high speed, a significant effect, and it meet the modern pursuit of health;
Safe and noninvasive: The laser therapy of advanced technology is to fundamentally eliminate the side effects, and it is easy to produce intense pulsed light therapy. It has greatly eliminate security risks and the discomfort during the treatment of the customer;
Easy to use: The control panel is easy to understand, and the intuitive color touch interface design, simple operation, without complex training;
high cost performance: Humane treatment handle design, durable and reliable, ensuring 60,000 times without replacing. Routine maintenance is simple, just a short technical training.

Mechanism of action:
    Ordinary light or glare in the course of treatment, based on selective light absorption theory, when light penetrates the skin, it will be a lot of skin pigment absorption, high energy or dark skin treatment at higher risk. In addition, as most of the light can be reflected and refracted, really reach the target tissue and is full of energy absorbed by only 30-40%, so, in order to achieve therapeutic purposes, we need to increase the energy. But skin pigment absorbs light energy, limiting choice in the treatment of energy should not be too large, thus affecting the effectiveness of a single treatment. Since the laser therapy in the course of treatment, mainly for light target tissue impedance value adjustments, guide RF (radio frequency) energy is concentrated on the role of the target tissue. Solar energy is not the main treatment, thus avoiding the reflection and refraction of the major energy issues. Based on RF (radio frequency) characteristic, RF (radio frequency) thermal effects depends on the current generated by the skin tissue density, current density distribution depends on the impedance of skin tissue, the higher the temperature the lower the tissue impedance, the greater the current density, the resulting The higher the thermal effect; Conversely, the lower the temperature of tissue impedance, the smaller the current density, the lower the thermal effect. Therefore play a major target tissue for therapeutic effect of RF (radio frequency) energy absorption is not affected by skin color barrier, RF (radio frequency) energy can be fully applied to the target tissue, get a good therapeutic effect.

Penetration depth:
    Decided to ordinary light penetration depth is wavelength or band, the longer wavelengths penetrate deeper, the shorter the wavelength the more light to penetrate the deepest penetration of less than 4mm. The laser therapy depending on the light penetration depth RF (radio frequency) of the penetration depth, according to this principle, the laser therapy treatment system according to the type of rationally designed therapeutic purpose treatment head, such that the penetration depth the laser therapy to fully meet the requirements for the treatment of the deepest penetrates. The subcutaneous is 15mm, further ensures the effectiveness of treatment.

Fewer complications:
    The optical system of the Laser therapy and RF energy can be individually controlled, the operator can use the treatment process of the lower and higher energy radio frequency, thereby generating the risk of skin burns after reduced to a minimum. So the laser therapy, basically does not face complications such as swelling of the class, but does not appear purpura. When using the laser therapy, the operator has no need to worry about the treatment of head due to the high energy or too close to the skin resulting from skin burns.

Operator and healers prefer:
    Due to the low light of the difficulty of the operation laser instrument, the operator will be able to go through training to master a simple, well-designed treatment head to make it easier for the operator during operation. In addition, the laser therapy compared with conventional clinical, it has effective faster, more efficient treatment speed, more comfortable treatment, no side effects after treatment, more secretive and other notable features, it truly meet the modern pursuit of health, by healers of all ages.

Equipment more cost-effective:
    Without prejudice to the premise of a significant reduction in clinical efficacy of the laser system maintenance costs, extend the life of the instrument. And routine maintenance is simple, requiring only a simple technical training can grasp.

Treatment range:
    Therapeutic application is a new generation of laser ELOS, covering the range of photon before treatment, IPL, pulsed light, such as: wrinkles, skin rejuvenation, hair removal, large pores, rough skin, sunburn, age spots, freckles and so on. It has a breakthrough affect on melasma, dermal patches, light fluff treatment; Meanwhile, telangiectasia, leg veins, wrinkles and sagging skin and deep also have very good results.
Optical superposition freckle hair removal wrinkle technical parameters:
RF energy density :1-50W / cm
Energy density :1-50J / cm2
Idemitsu window: 8 × 40 mm
Bald temperature: -5 ℃ -4 ℃ adjustable
Number of pulses: adjustment range (1-30) months
Pulse delay: adjustment range (1-4S) seconds
RF duration of action: adjustment range (50-2500) ms
The first pulse width: adjustment range (1-25ms), 0.1ms step
The first pulse interval: adjustment range (1-250ms), 1ms step
Second pulse width: adjustment range (1-25ms), 0.1ms step
Second pulse interval: adjustment range (1-250ms), 1ms step
Repeat Pulse Width: adjustment range (1-25ms), 0.1ms step
Cooling: air / water / semiconductor refrigeration / sealed aluminum heat sink Professional
Display: TFT Touch touchscreen
Energy bands: rejuvenation, freckle, redness, acne, wrinkle treatment head 530nm-1200nm / hair removal treatment head 640nm-1200nm (nanometers)
Solar Power: ELOSA type 1000W/ELOSB type 1200W/ELOSF type 800W/ELOSC type 600W (watt)
RF power: ELOSA type 6M/ELOSB type 10M/ELOSF type 2M/ELOSC type 1M (megabytes)
Xenon Pressure: ELOSA type 4 times / ELOSB type 5 times / ELOSF type 3 times / ELOSC type 3 times (xenon lamp atm)
Crystal light guide: ELOSA type domestic A-sapphire / ELOSB type of imported medical professional sapphire / ELOSF type of domestic sapphire / ELOSC quartz (xenon lamp atm)
Power supply: 110V/220V ± 10%, 50/60Hz
Ambient temperature: 4 ℃ -55 ℃
Relative humidity: ≤ 70%

Chassis volume (EB-type)(L × W × H): 600 × 590 × 1280 (mm).
Weight: 60Kg.