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Laser therapy - Light Doctor - light therapy to repair Professional Series:
Light Repair Cream.
Specification: 5g / pieces

Key Ingredients:
    Y-linoleic acid, a natural Shikonin, glycyrrhetinic acid, B-Gu Zi acid, rhubarb anthraquinone glycosides, earthworm Healing essence, cicada active ingredients, Angelica static oil, dextrose dipterocarp and so on.

    The use of rare herbs and plant extracts using nanotechnology refined, effectively initiate various callus cytokines, promote grassroots collagen fibers, elastic fiber cell differentiation, division, and finally the formation of keratin, increasing microcirculation nutrition, accelerate tissue metabolism of cells, adjust color balance, so that the skin elasticity, reduce deep wrinkles and promote skin deep defect quick fix.

    ????1. The effective prevention of photons, laser therapy postoperative swelling, and blisters, pigmentation and so on. It can rapidly repair cells, wounds, burns, chapped, softening crust shell; and quickly stop bleeding, prevent infection and repair without leaving scars.
    ????2, For the laser therapy, IPL, laser tattoo removal, tattoo removal, three lines, three embroidered postoperative care, rapid repair damaged skin, eliminate redness or swelling.
    ????3, Inhibit acne, acne, chicken pox inflammation; drainage of secretions, convergence sores, reduce or avoid scarring.
    ????4, Prevent allergies, relieve allergies; with the use of skin care, can promote the absorption of the skin, increasing its cosmetic effect.
    IPL, E light beauty, three lines, three embroidered, laser tattoo removal, tattoo removal after the spot using the best, every morning and evening time, 3-7 days of continuous use.